20 Percent of People Are In Love with Someone Else

In Love & Sex by Meieli Sawyer Detoni , on Tuesday, July 20, 2010, 5:45 AM (PDT)
Secret emotions...


WTF, right?

Would you admit to being secretly in love with someone else, perhaps for an extended period of time? It sounds like secret relationships--or at least one-sided obsessions--are putting dampers on coupledom. Longing for a third party? You aren't alone.

According to a recent study, a whopping 20% of us could be in love with someone else. 3,000 people were surveyed, and 600 said that they were in love with someone who wasn't their current partner.

"But wait: the other stats in the survey are even more depressing -- one in six people with a roving eye said they have or would pursue their love interest while in their committed relationship. One out of every 25 people asked said they'd been in love with their 'someone else' for over five years, and one in 50 had been in love with another for 'as long as they could remember,'" Lemondrop adds.

29% of the people surveyed who admitted to being in love with someone else said that they planned on acting on their emotions. Lovely, but at least you know that if your guy is secretly in love with someone, he might not actually want to sleep with them.

Have you ever had a problem with someone with wandering eyes? I think it's one thing to have a silly crush or two during a long marriage, but it's another thing entirely to admit that you are in love with someone else. Are you shocked at this study, or is it pretty much what you imagined in today's world?

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