$480 For Paper Bag Jacket? What a Bargain

In Fashion by Kim Muraro , on Monday, November 05, 2012, 6:56 AM (PST)
paper bag jacket


Really … This Jacket Is Made Out of Brown Paper Bags

After lunch today, don't throw away your brown paper bag. Turns out they're pretty valuable in some circles of the fashion world, as in a new jacket, made out of brown paper bags, that United Bamboo is selling for almost $500.

You can see the garment at left, and yes, again, it really does cost $480 and it really is made of paper bags.

Designer Aki Goto took a vintage jacket (which almost certainly had to be more attractive than this mess), glued brown paper bags to it and then covered it with varnish. And pieces of duct tape. Yes, those "details" you see on the jacket are just pieces of duct tape.

Not only does the jacket look like it's made of garbage, and like it should be dumped right into a garbage pail, but it's not even a flattering fit on the model … she looks like she's wearing Frankenstein's coat.

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As points out, it's a concept that could have led to something interesting (though not worth $500). The texture of the jacket sorta looks like a faux alligator print, so, with proper sleeve length and perfect tailoring (or as perfectly as you can tailor varnished paper bags), it might have made for a funky, cool garment.

But now … we just have to put it in the same category as Jill Sander's ridiculous $295 brown paper bag bag, the tote that looks just like a brown paper bag, but which, with that little Jill Sander logo stamped on it, will set you back 295 of your hard-earned dollars.

Fashion disasters, indeed.

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