5 Tips On Taking Sexy Cell Phone Photos For Your Man

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Make your man wild with hot MMS fun.You and your man send sexy texts during the day while you're at work, talking dirty about all the things you are going to do to each other later. It all seems like innocent character-only fun until he replies, "Send me a photo ; )"

He must've gotten the idea from Taio Cruz's new song, "Dirty Picture". As Taio Cruz knows, sending a sexy cell phone photo, if it's done right, can really add some spice to your relationship and get both of you excited and make for a very interesting evening later. Take our tips on getting the most out of your MMS.

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1. Choose an appropriate photo: Have you just been dating a short time? A full on buck naked shot might be a little much. Try something suggestive like sucking on a lollipop and snapping a photo of just your mouth. Been together for years? Spice things up with what you know he likes. Does he have a nurse fantasy? Get a sexy candy striper outfit and snap away.

2. Avoid accidental embarrassment: Is your man prone to leaving his phone on the table while he is out at the bar with his buddies or is he a scatterbrained artistic type who is always mistakenly leaving his cell in taxis? If you don't want a chuckling cabbie uploading your sexy pics to his web page under the album name "LOOK WHAT I FOUND AT WORK TODAY LMFAO," take our suggestions for sexy but safe photos you can send your man to get him riled up but protect your image. Leave your face out of the photo of you in your lingerie or use our lollipop suggestion from number 1.

3. Just the high heels: Men always find high heels to be a big turn on. Throw your best pair on and snap a photo of you from the ankles down. It will get him going without you having to get full on naked in the bathroom at work.

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4. Use variety in your photos: Once you start sending each other photos on the regular, make sure you keep the images fresh! Do a striptease. Send him a series of photos with one piece of clothing being removed in each photo or write his name in lipstick on your cleavage.

5. Keep the fantasy aspect intact: Sending your man sexy photos is a welcome break from his hectic day. Always look your best: nails, makeup and hair done, fresh spray tan if possible. Make sure you keep the photos hot and don't shock him back to reality with big real-life turn offs in the photo: like a box of tampons in the background - not hot!

Written by Libby Keating, senior editor at BettyConfidential.

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Comments (7)
Posted By saeed (3 years ago)
i need sexy photo
Posted By saeed (3 years ago)
i need sexy pic.
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