50 Moves You Can Try Tonight To Spice Up Your Sex Life

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Microwave A Banana Peel ...

Most people think they already have sex figured out in three steps or less -- grab each other, grunt a little, fall asleep. Thankfully there are more delicate moves you can throw in between to make sex a much more enjoyable experience. Here are 50 of them.

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Jamye Waxman, author of the new book Hot Sex: Over 200 Things You Can Try Tonight,  has shared with us a quarter of her super sexy (and super simple) tricks you can try to put some spice in the bedroom.

Here's a quick sampling:

3. Eat Seductively - Make like Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger in 9 1/2 Weeks and spoonfeed each other honey and strawberries. Just make sure the food is sexy. No one performs well after gorging on Hot Pockets and Bagel Bites.

12. Wear A Mask - This one's a bit tricky, as you don't want to just be naked in the closet wearing an Ewok mask, waiting for your wife to get home from work.

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16. Pleasure Him With A Banana Peel - Depending on the level of trust you have with your partner, you can either kiss him passionately or warm up a banana peel in the microwave and give him a hand-job with it. Your choice.

26. Sex Up A Boardgame - Have Monopoly? Everytime you pass Go take off a piece of clothing. Scrabble? Failed word challenges result in a spanking. Make it so you'll never be able to play the same game again without blushing.

43. Pay Your Partner For Sex - Negotiate a deal whereby you have to pay for your lover's time. Or you could always barter. Try trading housework for a foot rub, or 3 hours of oral sex for picking up your mother-in-law from the airport.

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Head over to for the remaining 45 -- c'mon, you know you want to ...

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