7 Celebrities Who Have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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howie mandel
Here's the deal: don't touch me.


Leonardo DiCaprio Was Obsessed With Sidewalks As A Kid

Do not shake Howie Mandel's hand. The Deal Or No Deal host looks at the hands of strangers' like they're covered with the plague, and he does everything he can to avoid them. He has a very typical form of obessive compulsive disorder. Which other famous peeps struggle with the condition? Let's see ...

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OCD, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, is an anxiety disorder in which the person affected has repeated unwanted thoughts or feelings and does a series of actions to make those thoughts or feelings subside. Those actions can range from repeated hand-washing to get rid of perceived germs, to going out of your way to avoid cracks on the sidewalk.

With approximately 1 in 50 adults suffering from OCD, the disorder can be found pretty much anywhere. Even in Hollywood.

Leonardo DiCaprio: The Titanic star has revealed he used to be obsessed with sidewalks when he was a child, repeatedly retracing his step in order to step on cracks and gum-spots.

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David Beckham: The soccer star's wife, Victoria Beckham, has said her husband is obsessed with organization and pairing items. She has said they had to buy three refrigerators to separate food, and that David will throw items away if there are an odd number of them.

Cameron Diaz: Before she "made her peace" with them, the Bad Teacher actress had such a phobia of germs that she would scrub her doorknobs until the paint on them faded. Likewise, her ex-goyfriend Justin Timberlake stuggles with OCD and ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). JT is obsessive about keeping certain food items in the house at all times and lining things up just so.

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Comments (4)
Posted By Rennez (2 years ago)
I saw Howie drop something on the floor on the Ellen show and he had no problem picking it up off the floor.
Posted By Jim (2 years ago)
The reporter who wrote this piece has little comprehension about the nature of OCD as a disease. OCD is not someone arranging and rearranging things until they are happy; it is a disease that consumes the individual to the point that he or she can do nothing BUT arrange and rearrange things in the refrigerator. OCD is not just a fear of contamination; it is also a disease that encompasses a myriad of obsessions that can be absolutely debilitating. For some OCD sufferers it is impossible to hold down a job, hold down a relationship, or even get out of bed in the morning. These glib articles on OCD do nothing to educate the public about a serious mental health issue. Poor reporting and poor writing do not a journalist make. You owe it to your readers to do a better job in the future. - Someone who suffer from OCD
Posted By Lisa (2 years ago)
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Posted By nell (2 years ago)
Jim....that is so well put. My son has OCD, and it is life altering/disrupting. There is no mistaking the real thing for a few compulsive behaviors. It has never been a matter of "coming to terms" with the problem. My son understands, as he has since he was about 10, the nature of the illness .....but it doesn't changes the obsessions or the compulsions. He has found a moderate amt of relief from medication and therapy, but this will always be with him. He has learned some tremendous coping skills. All my prattling comes down to one thing, and that is the fact that I hate for the disease to be trivialized in this way.
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