A Wedding Dress That Dissolves in Water

In Fashion by Susie Anderson , on Wednesday, May 12, 2010, 5:52 AM (PDT)
wedding dress


For a very eco-wedding

Green weddings are all the rage these days. After all, when it comes down to it, it's pretty ridiculous how much we spend on huge weddings. Only to throw everything away at the end of it (including, oftentimes, our own marriages!). So why not wear a dress that will simply disappear when you're done with it?

It's often thought that the biggest wedding waste is the wedding dress. After all, you wear the dress for about 8 hours and then put it away, never to be worn again. So now, researchers in England are designing a dress that can simply be dissolved in water when you're done wearing it.

But it's more than that. The dress is made from biodegradable polyvinyl alcohol and parts of it will actually remain after submerging in water. It allegedly transforms into 5 other fashion garments. So, you can wear your wedding dress again and again and again in 5 different forms!

According to the press release, "The students wanted to challenge the notion that a wedding dress should only be used once and aimed to explore modern society's attitudes towards throwaway fashion... The wedding gown is perhaps one of the most symbolic garments in [a woman's] wardrobe and represents the challenges of 'throwaway fashion."

Of course, you'll have to be careful if you opt to wear this wedding dress. Rain on your wedding day will take on a whole new meaning- your dress might start dissolving!

Would you consider wearing this dissolving wedding dress or do you still want to go the traditional route? While we might not wear this just yet, we think it's a great step toward a world of greener weddings.

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