Al Gore's Accuser Reveals Identity, Confuses Story

In Celebs by KGaz , on Wednesday, June 30, 2010, 8:03 AM (PDT)
al gore


Gore's 54-year-old sex assault accuser comes forward.

Al Gore has been called a lot of things, but this is the first we've heard of Gore as a "pervert and sexual predator." The woman who's accusing Gore of sexual assault during a massage in 2006 has revealed her identity...but she's also mixing up facts about the case.

Al Gore's accuser is 54-year-old Molly Hagerty, a massage therapist who worked on Gore during a late-night massage in Portland, Oregon after Gore called a hotel manager asking to book a last-minute appointment.

We have Hagerty's graphic account of what Gore allegedly did to her right here, but this is the first time that we've learned her identity. It's reported Hagerty was asking for $1 million from the National Enquirer to share her story, but it's still not clear why she stayed silent with the allegations for four years. Meanwhile the Enquirer did buy her story, although it's not clear for how much, and they interviewed a friend of Hagerty as well.

That friend, Greg Boatman, has revealed this about Hagerty's claims against Al Gore: "She called me on the phone October 23, 2006. I remember the date because that's my birthday ... She was excited about the massage she had scheduled for that evening -- she said it was with former Vice President Al Gore. I was shocked when she called back and woke me around 4 a.m. that same night. When I picked up, she was in tears. She told me she was assaulted ... Mr. Gore groped her and threw her down on the bed."

Here's what's fishy: according to the previous reports about Molly Hagerty and the Al Gore encounter, it sounded as though she didn't know whom the massage client was until she met him for his in-room appointment. If these Greg Boatman quotes in the Enquirer are authentic, then it sounds like Molly Hagerty may have to better jog her memory for the timeline of how things went down with Al Gore.

Get more details on Molly Hagerty's accusations, was the recent breakup of Gore's 40-year marriage due to his affair with Larry David's ex-wife? In other huge celeb news, Larry King has announced his retirement...and Avatar star Zoe Saldana is engaged!

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Posted By Helen (4 years ago)
I downloaded the police statement when it was released and have just checked it. Ms. Hagerty was told that the VIP was checked in as "Mr. Stone," but she was also told that it was Al Gore, according to her statement. So she did know ahead of time. Sorry, that was a good catch, and she did express a sense of wonder that she was in the presence of Gore when she got to the room, but she had known his identity already: page 3 of her statement, which is page 9 of the PDF in case you want to verify. The PDF is available on the Smoking Gun page for this story.
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