Alex Trebek: "Yes, I Have Been Thinking About Retiring"

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Long time Jeopardy host uncertain of his future hosting the legendary show

Alex Trebek, host of the dynastic quiz show Jeopardy, is contemplating retirement. 

Alex Trebek, host of the legendary quiz show Jeopardy, is contemplating retirement. 

Since 1984, Trebek has been a significant part of pop culture, when he initially started to host the then-newly re-launched series (It had been off the air since 1979).  Now 28 years into his run as the straight-laced host of Jeopardy, Trebek recently revealed to Fox News host Chris Wallace that he doesn’t have an answer in regards to whether he’ll stay on with the show. 

Trebek, 71, when speaking to Wallace, said “Yes, I have been thinking about retiring," though what makes his decision more difficult is that he’s two years away from hosting the show for 30 years.  “A lot of people have been telling me, Alex, you've got to go for at least 30.” 

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The current Jeopardy host has already been the longest host in the series’ history (it began in 1964), and is a household name due to being shown on syndicated television for so many years. It would be tough to count the amount of times that we've seen the show playing on a nearby television during peak evening hours, due to the show being such an institution. 

One of funny man Will Ferrell’s most memorable and talked about characters on Saturday Night Live was his portrayal of Trebek.  The recurring sketch would be entitled “Celebrity Jeopardy”, where Ferrell’s character would be struggling to make the “celebrity contestants"(mostly cast members portraying famous actors and musicians) play the game properly (Even the real Trebek made a cameo appearance -- on Will Ferrell’s last episode as a cast member on SNL, seen below.)



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Though nothing has been officially confirmed, one can only hope that the long time face of Jeopardy breaks the 30 year mark and continues to host the show until 2014. If he chooses to ride into the hypothetical sunset before then, Trebek can look back on all his past success and still be immensely proud of what he was able to accomplish: Being a big reason why the show has still been around for so many years.

When he does decide to retire, we can only hope that his replacement won't be Louie Anderson.

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