Amber Rose Ready to Tell All About Kanye West Split

In Celebs by KGaz , on Friday, November 12, 2010, 7:30 AM (PST)
kanye west
Amber Rose in LA, Nov. 10, 2010:


Amber Rose: "It's my turn to talk."

Kanye West ex Amber Rose has been making big headlines the last few weeks now that reports are sailing that she may get her own talk show. Will she dish on the buzz that Kanye abused her? That's part of her mission...

A report exploded late last month that 27-year-old Amber Rose, a model of African and Italian descent, is preparing to host her own TV talk show. The alleged show's said to be targeted at fans of hip-hop, and Amber was preparing to turn the media's portrayal of her on its head -- she tweeted the last week of October: "For two years the media said what they wanted about me without knowing me at all and I kept my mouth shut. Now it's my turn to talk." Amber Rose tweeted that she was executive producing her own show, along with Den of Thieves, and she was going to spill the details on her romance and clandestine breakup with Kanye West: "I loved a famous man and he loved me. He showed me the world and a whole new life. Thank you."

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No one seems to know what went down in the split between Amber Rose and Kanye, but Amber has yet to confirm what some sources have said about their supposed tumultuous relationship. The details are sparse considering much of the public never knew who she was before she went high-profile with Ye, and lately there's big evidence that Amber's feeling some jealousy about his new romance with Selita Ebanks -- hence Amber's tweets about her "famous" ex.

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And Funkmaster Flex, a radio DJ on NYC's Hot97, sensed that Amber's having a hard time letting go. He said to Kanye last week during an interview:

"She's on Twitter and she seems like she's unhappy, that's what I get from her. The movie dropped and then she said she's coming out with a reality show, there's always like, it's like with you coming in is a counter statement from her. Do you feel like she's, I don't want to say unhappy, there's definitely a, no closure to her for some reason. I don't know if you feel what I feel..."

Instead of letting it slide, Amber shot back at Funkmaster Flex:

"It really hurts my feelings that @Funkmasterflex feels that way about me he was one of my favorite DJs ... One question @funkmasterflex how am I a hoe when I was in a RELATIONSHIP for 2 years with a man that I loved???"



Sounds like Amber Rose feels more fuel than ever to tell her side...

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