Anderson Cooper Slams Vince Vaughn, Universal Pics for Use of "Gay" (VIDEO)

In Celebs by KGaz , on Friday, October 08, 2010, 9:15 AM (PDT)
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We agree with Anderson: Don't say "gay."

Anderson Cooper appeared from a remote location on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" Thursday to discuss the string of youth suicides after these kids had been bullied by schoolmates for being homosexual. Anderson Cooper says that to combat bullying against gay children, schools, parents and the media have to educate...but Anderson Cooper says it's clear from a new Vince Vaughn trailer that Hollywood's not cooperating.

Ellen DeGeneres invited Anderson Cooper on her show that aired Thursday because DeGeneres said Cooper does an amazing job of covering cultural phenomena that affect families and American children -- namely bullying and the evolving cultural perceptions of sexuality. Early in her interview with Anderson Cooper, DeGeneres says, "Why do you think this is still going on -- and thank you for reporting on it as much as you do, Anderson."

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Anderson Cooper responds to DeGeneres explaining that parents and teachers have got to start explaining to children that bullying is hurtful and that words used as weapons are powerful and potentially permanently harmful. Cooper also said that the "bystander" child who witnesses the bullying but does nothing to stop it has to become an active combatant against it -- Cooper admitted that when he was a child, he had a stutter, and when his classmates made fun of other kids in the class, he was just glad they weren't harping on him.

But Anderson Cooper went on to slam Vince Vaughn after seeing the trailer for the new movie "The Dilemma," which Universal Pictures will release in January. Anderson Cooper told Ellen DeGeneres this about seeing "The Dilemma" trailer:

"I was sitting in a movie theater over the weekend and there was a preview of a movie, and in it, the actor said, 'that's so gay,' and I was shocked that not only that they put it in the movie, but that they put that in the preview, they thought that it was okay to put that in a preview for the movie to get people to go and see it.

"I just find those words, those terms, we've got to do something to make those words unacceptable because those words are hurting kids. Someone else I talked to recently said that the words people use and the things people say about other kids online, it enters into their internal dialogue. And when you're a kid, it can change the way you see yourself and the way you think about yourself, and the worth that you give to yourself. I think we need to really focus on what language we're using and how we're treating these kids."

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Too true, and why has it taken this long for someone to speak up and say it. If you're like me and have loved ones who are gay, hit the "Like" button on this story so it posts to your Facebook. Help Anderson Cooper, our kids, and LimeLife stand up to bullies. Also watch the video below, from HuffPost via JustJared.





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