Angelina Jolie's New Jewelry Line Will Fund a Girls' School [VIDEO] [SLIDESHOW]

In Celebs by Kim Muraro , on Wednesday, May 23, 2012, 4:22 AM (PDT)
angelina jolie jewelry line


Yes, Like Oprah and Madonna, Angelina Is Opening a School for Girls, in Afghanistan

Oprah, Madonna and now Angelina … Brad Pitt's babymama and fiancée, Angelina Jolie, is about to follow in Oprah and Madonna's footsteps by opening her own school for girls. And to fund it, she'll donate 100 percent of the profits from her The Style of Jolie jewelry to the effort., via, has an interview with Jolie's collaborator, designer Robert Procop, who confirms the actress and humanitarian's plans.

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"It's a labor of love," Procop says, adding that the jewelry profits will benefit the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict, Jolie's charity, which will direct the money to open a school for girls in Qala Gadu, Afghanistan.

"Our commitment is always supporting the children's charity, which remains the overall intention and purpose of the collection," Procop said.

Procop, who also designed Jolie's engagement ring from Pitt, says the actress was completely involved in designing the jewelry.

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"She is very classically chic," he says. "We cultivated this style, which echoes a woman's timeless allure. When you see the collection, it has a distinction. When you look at it, you recognize that it's the Style of Jolie."

Well, the Style of Jolie maybe 1980s Elizabeth Taylor or Alexis on Dynasty, but sure, okay, Style of Jolie.

Watch the video preview of The Style of Jolie, the jewelry line that may fund a whole school, and then peruse our slideshow of samples from the line:



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Posted By Reality Bites (2 years ago)
Jolie opened a Kenyan girls school in 2007 and a girls school in afghanistan in 2010. So I believe Oprah and Madonna followed in Jolie's footsteps not the other way around.
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