Anne Hathaway Impersonates Katie Holmes on 'SNL' (WATCH)

In Celebs by Susie Anderson , on Monday, November 22, 2010, 7:23 AM (PST)
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Is Anne Hathaway the perfect Katie Holmes?

You always knew there was something off about the actions and personality of Katie Holmes. But you probably can't quite put your finger on it. Well, Anne Hathaway knows just what it is. And in a skit from this weekend's Saturday Night Live, Anne plays the most perfect Katie Holmes ever. I wonder if Katie Holmes is laughing?

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How hilarious was Anne Hathaway on Saturday Night Live? I loved her best when she starred as Katie Holmes on the "Miley Cyrus Show." Miley (played by Vanessa Bayner) interviews Katie Holmes on her show and asks Katie all the tough questions.

Anne Hathaway imitates Katie Holmes perfectly, with her soft voice and breathlessness. While she doesn't look exactly like her, she's certainly close enough. And the voice clearly gives it away. If only Katie had little Suri Cruise with her, things would be perfect.



At one point in the interview, Miley asks Katie, "So, there is something I've always wanted to ask you, like, how did you transition into doing more adult roles and like what's the sexiest role you've ever done and like how many boys have you kissed on screen and like who's your best friend and like who's Tom Cruise's best friend and why does your baby wear high heels and what does Jesus think of Scientology?" And you know, these are some of the same questions we've been wanting to ask Katie Holmes!

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I just can't help but wonder what Katie Holmes is thinking. The impersonation was obviously exaggerated, but there's no denying it was Katie Holmes! Will she be complimented or totally offended?



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