Are These Candy Bars Actually Good For You?

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Claim To Be 'Doctor Recommended'

Naturally, eyebrows were raised when the food brand UNREAL released a line of candy bars that claimed to be "Doctor Recommended." The natural assumption being that the doctor was paid off and the so-called healthy candy bars are a sham.

But not so fast. According to the health and wellness site BlissTree, these candy bars aren't just a bunch of baloney. While they're by no means as good for you as a piece of fruit, they're less nutrient-deficient as regular candy.

For example, whereas a normal candy bar relies on heavily processed sugars, syrups and colorings, the ingredients in UNREAL bars come from mostly sustainable sources like cacao beans and palm oil with no artificial coloring. There's less sugar and more fiber than your average Mars bar, too.

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And yes, there is a doctor out there who "approves" of them. His name is Dr. Mark Hyman, a physician devoted to fighting diabetes and obesity. But again, he's not saying these bars will necessarily lead to weight loss, he just thinks they're a better option when a sweet tooth calls.

According to BlissTree, the bars even taste pretty good. For now, we'll take their word for it but we certainly wouldn't mind doing a little research ourselves!




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