Aretha Franklin Set for Hospital Release

In Celebs by KGaz , on Thursday, December 09, 2010, 6:43 AM (PST)
aretha franklin
Aretha Franklin:


Aretha Franklin's cousin reveals condition update.

Aretha Franklin heard good news this week after undergoing intense surgery last week in an attempt to treat the reported pancreatic cancer the singer was diagnosed with earlier this year. Members of Aretha Franklin's family are preparing the public for an optimistic outcome, insisting the queen of soul "has a long life in front of her and will be back."

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Aretha Franklin's cousin, Brenda Corbett, told the "Free Press" in Detroit (Franklin's hometown and the location of her surgery) that Aretha has emerged strongly from last Wednesday's surgery to treat her pancreatic cancer. Franklin's "doing better than doctors expected," Corbett said before adding that the 68-year-old singer "has a long life in front of her and will be back in concert, on stage, late spring or early summer." (In November, Franklin canceled tour dates through May 2011.)

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Word has it Aretha will be released from the hospital this weekend, but an interesting twist in this story is that despite the report that got out Wednesday -- that pancreatic cancer is what's ailing Aretha Franklin -- no one close to her has confirmed the report. Franklin's publicist has only addressed the public through last week's letter from Aretha, in which she thanked her fans for their support and called last week's surgery "highly successful."

We have lots of background on Aretha Franklin's health -- hit the blue links for more.

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