Audrina Patridge's Teeth are Too White

In Celebs by Susie Anderson , on Wednesday, June 02, 2010, 5:31 AM (PDT)
audrina patridge


We wouldn't want to see them fall out!

When it comes to your pearly whites, there's no such thing as too white, is there? Well, The Hills' star Audrina Patridge is actually finding out that there is such a thing as having teeth that are too white. It can actually be quite dangerous!

Our society highly values perfectly white (and straight!) teeth. So much so, that many of us go to all sorts of lengths to get white teeth. We buy whitening toothpaste and other at-home whitening products at stores and we can't professional treatments at the dentist office. But too much whitening could spell trouble, as Audrina Patridge is now finding out!

We've always thought Audrina Patridge had absolutely beautiful teeth. And she does. But all that whitening could prove to be quite dangerous for her. According to a source to Star magazine, "Audrina is obsessed with home bleaching her teeth, but her dentist told her that if she keeps it up, her teeth may start to crack. They have become extremely sensitive to cold, and she's drinking coffee and eating food at very mild temps because they hurt so bad."

Uh oh! We'd rather have teeth that aren't perfectly white than teeth that are cracking! Not to mention, we can't imagine not being able to eat anything too cold or drink hot coffee without cringing! We hope Audrina takes a break from the bleach. We know how important it is for Audrina Patridge to stay pretty, but she could probably go an entire year or more without whitening and still have her teeth looking more than OK!



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