Best Places To Meet A Millionaire

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C'mon, you know you want one.

Are you looking for a $oulmate, one with good look$, a great per$onality, and $omeone you can depend on? If finding your true love means reading between the lines and nabbing a man with a bloated bank account, then look no further. We put together the top five places you can go to find the man of your dream$. After all, mama always said, "It's just as easy to fall in love with a rich guy as a poor one!"

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1. Charity/Celebrity Golf Tournaments: Celebrity and charity sporting events such as golf tournaments are a great place to meet wealthy men. Dress to look your best, know a bit about the score and players, and find a place on the sidelines close to an eligible man. Usually celebrity golf tournaments are held in exotic locales, whose pool and beach scenes also double as pick up spots. Check out the Michael Jordan Celebrity Golf Tournament in the Bahamas, held in January, where one lady we interviewed met her fiance, a millionaire banker from Connecticut.

2. Upgrade to First Class: Oftentimes airlines give you the option to upgrade to first class for around $150, which will also sometimes give you access to their first class lounge. Upgrade, arrive early, hang in the lounge and sit yourself near any single men and chat about the obvious: travel! If you're really lucky maybe once you get on the plane you will be seated next to an eligible millionaire. It's practically thrown in your lap!

3. Look For Millionaires Online: Want to hunt for a millionaire from the comfort of your own home? There are plenty of websites dedicated to hooking up wealthy men with eligible women. One of the best is, where a woman we interviewed met a millionaire she hit it off with on her third try. The site even has features to make sure your potential man is true, like their "Certified Millionaire" status.

4. Hotel Lounges and Pools: Catching a traveling millionaire while he is relaxing grabbing a drink or some sun is a great time to start a conversation with your potential beau. Check out the Four Seasons, a favorite of millionaire locals and travelers in major cities, or find out what the top hotel in your area is, pull yourself up to the bar, order a drink and try to nab a millionaire before he checks out.

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5. Pals With Millionaire Men: There is nothing like a personal reference! Do you have a pal who met a great millionaire man and has a relationship that is chugging along? Don't be shy! Ask her to ask him if he has any single friends, and go on a double date. Being brought in by your pal and her man gives you instant credibility.

Good luck with your millionaire cha$e ladies, but don't forget to look for things like compatibility, shared goals, and mutual interests as well. After the flare of VIP dining and traveling has worn off, you might need something to talk about.

Tell us: Do you want to meet a millionaire man?

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