Bethenny Frankel Is Baby-Crazy On Twitter

In Celebs by KGaz , on Sunday, May 16, 2010, 4:17 AM (PDT)
bethenny frankel


One week after daughter's birth, Frankel is Bryn-sessed.

It's the one-week birthday of Bethenny Frankel's newborn daughter, Bryn Hoppy. We happened to wander over to Frankel's Twitter account to see what she's been saying, and clearly all she's thinking about is babies!! Here was what Bethenny Frankel posted up until Friday afternoon...does she really think she's pregnant again?!

On Friday, May 7, we told you about Frankel's cryptic tweet from the hospital that suggested she'd given birth a month before her due date. The report was confirmed and then all week, all of her tweets involved motherly sentiments. After Bryn was born on Saturday, Bethenny said, "I can't express how happy I am&how beautiful,supportive&thoughtful u all are.Bryn is a tiny beautiful chapter begins.thank you." [sic]

Then on Mother's Day, Bethenny Frankel posted, "Happy mother's day to all of u.hopefully momma & the peanut can go home soon.she's tiny. RT @ashenmama: @Bethenny Happy Mothers Day. XO"

Baby Bryn had to stay in the hospital after arriving a month early, so on Monday at 8:47 a.m. Bethenny said, "Waiting until 9am when we can go see baby bryn again.jason hasn't left the hospital since we got here fri.we're in love w the lil chickpea."

On Wednesday at 6:24 in the evening, Bethenny Frankel posted, "Momma,poppa & baby bryn are home!!!the chickpea is the tiniest sweetest bundle of love in the world.all we wanna do is snug n love on her."

On Thursday, Bethenny responded to a follower's question about how the first night at home went with baby Bryn: "Heaven!jason just went out to buy lbs of pink m&ms & will only eat pink foods."


Late Thursday night (actually Friday morning) Bethenny thanked her Twitter followers for their help and caring: "This baby has been an attitude adjustment.I'm in heaven.your advice &sentiments have been so helpful&calming.I had never even held a baby."

Friday morning Bethenny Frankel tweeted, "I'm so in love-i'm never leaving my house again." Then around 11 o'clock Friday morning she said, "Am I pregnant again?I just ate indian food for breakfast!"

That's because the Indian food on the Upper East Side is so amazing...@Bethenny: Baluchi's? And no Bethenny, you're not pregnant again.

In other reality TV mom news, Kate Gosselin actually thinks Heidi Montag's plastic surgery looks -- well, read for yourself. And, know who else is so ready to be a parent? Mario Lopez says he can't wait to be a dad!

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