Beyonce Crashes Block Party, Goes Viral on YouTube (VIDEO)

In Celebs by KGaz , on Thursday, September 30, 2010, 9:02 AM (PDT)


Beyonce knows how to get the party started!

What would you do if Beyonce just, you know, showed up at your party? That's exactly what Beyonce did at a recent New Jersey bash, and video of her making everyone's day has gone super-viral! We have it here...

Anytime you want to crank up the action at a party, everybody knows Beyonce's "Crazy" does the trick...but imagine the effect she had when she showed up in the flesh at a block party in New Jersey earlier this month!

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Beyonce showed up to visit Jay-Z's mom and decided to partake in a little block party action that was taking place in the neighborhood. In this video Beyonce does a line dance with a group of women who are so psyched to be in her presence...but you can tell here that Beyonce just wants to be treated like everybody else.

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That we get -- but still, she dances like a superstar! This video of Beyonce dancing at a party in New Jersey hit YouTube Tuesday and is getting over 3,000 views per day! Wouldn't you get it on vid if one of the world's most famous celebrities showed up at your party?! Flip through our Beyonce slideshow...we love a girl who loves a good time...

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Posted By te722 (3 years ago)
beyonce has too much stealing other people stuff to have a baby thats why her videos is dominating i dont give credit to artist that dont do hard work for their work she went from copying to jacking the videos she will never be good as michaeel or janet they do their own work and janet got her own idenity when she did control no daddy no michael terry lewis and jimmy jam and she has been original more dance steps and different dance steps than beyonce and janet billboards tribute was at the age of 24 and holds the title of the only female that dominated with the most awards on that show.and she has done so much more than beyonce in giving beyonce is not original she is just another light skin black that white people put on a [pedestal and leaving the dark skin female singers that sing better than beyonce out mary j and janet was not invited to the billboards she stole janet feedback ball illusion and added it to the latino lady performance that she stole she is the only one not being original when i see janet moves and stuff that came from her concerts and videos and beyonce does it i watch janet cause she look snd does it better if she stop stealing people stuff and signature of what they do tha=en we will see more performers win but she takes their stuff and claims it before anybody can see theirs..there are alot of singers that sing better than her quit letting people that copy other singers get away its not fair
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