Black Friday Shopping Tips: How to Make Sure You Don't Wait in Long Lines for Nothing

In Life by Kim Muraro , on Tuesday, November 13, 2012, 5:56 AM (PST)
black friday tips


You Need a Battle Plan to Make the Most of the Kickoff to the Holiday Shopping Season

Our personal feeling about Black Friday shopping is just, no. No, there is nothing we want or need badly enough for ourselves or for others to stand in long lines, camp out in front of Walmart and then get pushed and shoved once inside the store. But that's us.

For many holiday shoppers, Black Friday is a big chance to make their gift-buying budget stretch to its maximum. But to do that, you need a plan, and has whipped up a quick list of tips that will help ensure you don't waste any more time or effort than is necessary to lock in on those Black Friday deals.


-- Make a list, check it twice and stick to it. As SavvySugar points out, if you have a list of the items you want, prioritized, you can pursue them in that order and be more likely to get the things at the top of your list (and less disappointed if the items at the bottom of your list are out of stock by the time you get to them). A list also helps you stick to your budget;

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-- Make it a group activity; the more people in your group, friends and family, the more area you can cover, so the more likely you all are to get everything on your list. Plus, as SavvySugar points out, it's a good bonding opportunity -- oh, the stories you'll have after a day of frenzied shopping;

-- Treat the day like a road trip. Pack snacks, dress comfortably, and, most importantly of all, wear comfortable shoes. Even if they're not your cutest shoes, wear your most comfortable shoes; and

-- Be clear on return policies. Sometimes stores' policies on Black Friday shopping deals are different from their regular return policies. A deal isn't a deal if you change your mind, but get stuck with a product you no longer want.

Check out for the complete list of Black Friday shopping tips, and good luck on snagging everything on your holiday shopping list!

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