Blanket Jackson's Real Father: Michael Jackson's Bodyguard?

In Celebs by Kim Muraro , on Wednesday, April 18, 2012, 8:17 PM (PDT)
blanket jackson


And the Bodyguard Says He Wants to Raise His Son

Even years after his 2009 death, the Michael Jackson shockers keep on coming. The latest: MJ's former bodyguard, Matt Fiddes, claims he's the biological daddy of Jackson's on Blanket, and now he wants to raise his son.

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Blanket, also known as Prince Michael II, was born in 2002.

Fiddes, who has been claiming he was Blanket's dad for years, says Michael Jackson asked him to donate sperm in 2002, so that Michael would have a "sporty" child.

Fiddes says he made the donation, and now, he doesn't want money, but the chance to be with the kid he claims is his son.

Fiddes is reportedly travelling to Los Angeles to provide a DNA sample in an effort to prove he's Blanket's parent, after making claims in 2009 that he was told by Michael Jackson that he was Blanket's biological father.

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"I sat there and asked the question: 'Is Blanket my child?' (Jackson) said: 'He’s my child, Matt, but I used your sperm to produce him,'" Fiddes told The Sun newspaper.

"All I want is access if he’s my child, to take him out, and spend some time together," Fiddes, 32, told The Sun newspaper. "My mum is dying of cancer. I want her to see Blanket more than anything."

Blanket Jackson's mother, by the way, is rumored to be a Mexican nurse named Helena.

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Comments (10)
Posted By Ashley (2 years ago)
Blanket's REAL father is dead. He died in 2009. Biological or not, Michael WAS that child's father, and no other man has the right to say that.
Posted By Linda Adams (2 years ago)
If MJ Used Fiddes Sperm, for Sure He Would Not Use All of it. I Knew MJ 31 years. MJ Would Never Claim as His Own Son a Child Completely Someone Else's Sperm. NEVER. Fiddes is Looking for Money/Recognition/Endless Opportunity. He is Not Concerned for the Upset He is/Has Caused. A Child of 10 Who lost His Beloved Father, not Three Years Ago Can Handle What Fiddes Wants. A Child Is Not a Wind Up Toy, a Robot, a Bank. Children are Fragile and Psychologically Cannot Handle the Aggression with Which Fiddes is Pursuing His Greed. Whether He's Rich or Not, Some Rich People Want More. He's Not the Whole Equation Either if It Were True. So He's Opening a Pandora's Box that Will Swallow Him Whole. Blanket is the Exact Image of MJ with Strong Physical Characteristics of MJ Not Fiddes. If MJ wanted a Sporty and Muscular Build Why Not Lou Ferrigno, MJ's Friend of Someone Else? MJ Never Brought Employees into His Private World and That So Called Conversation Timing - MJ was Doing Award Shows in Germany, Had Huge Entourage and Officials Around Him 24/7; and He Had Bashir's Film Crew, MJ's Own Film Crew and One from German Television. That Conversation Would Never Have Happened and Did Not. Fiddes Is Reportedly Dragging His Ill Mother into His Scheme, What Does that Say? What About MJ's Mother, all the Love, Time and Financial Responsibility She has Provided and He Waltzes in Claiming This and That? Blanket Knows and He Is MJ's Son. Fiddes Is Going to Tell What "Truth" to MJ's Shattered Children Who Witnessed MJ being Cared for by Paramedics, Possibly Dead and the Adjustments They've Gone Through and Fiddes Comes in Like a Bull in a China Shop. They are CHILDREN Freak. He Doesn't Care if He Screws Up Their Sense of Family/Security/Wholeness with His Scheme. If He Doesn't Watch Himself, He'll be Up For Restraining Orders and Embezzlement Charges or Worse. MJ had Legal Hold of Blanket and Biological. Its Not Just The Jacksons and Their Attorneys He Will Have to Deal With, I Can Tell You That.
Posted By Claudia Hill (2 years ago)
MJ is the real Daddy from his 3 children, Prince, Paris and Blanket. (Biological or not MF is their one and true Daddy) Many People want to shout from Prof MJ money now they want money to come through the Children. The Matt Fiddes wil Money Fame and attentie. Let the children alone .............. They have lost their Daddy, that's bad enough ... It is good that Grand Mother Katherine da goes to and from the Chldren protects. This bewehrt this ....... "hey child is the spitting image of me." I think not that he is the image of Blanket MJ ..... did everything to his Childeren a good and normal life for he was a very good normal dear Daddy. Stop everbody and let MJ childrens alone with Love Claudia
Posted By emma (2 years ago)
Michael Jackson bought himself two white children and a hispanic one. None of them share his DNA. They are laying in the bed he made for them. Lies and fraud are just a part of this family, and I do not feel one bit sorry for them with their dishonesty. The two older kids must know by now that they are not Jacksons, if they want to lie, then they get what they deserve.
Posted By Ashley (2 years ago)
Emma, please let us all know how you know this. Just by using your eyes? Because if you used your eyes you'd see that the little one looks just like Michael as a boy, only with lighter skin and straighter hair. You'd also see that the eldest boy has the same skin condition that Michael Jackson was confirmed to have after autopsy. You don't feel sorry for three kids that lost their dad? Then I feel sorry for you! How do you know they were lied to? How do you know that at all? Just because they don't look how you THINK they should look doesn't mean that they aren't biological Jacksons. Please educate yourself. Ignorance is NOT bliss.
Posted By Marliyn (2 years ago)
First of All, I don't believe at anything of what this man is saying. This man wants money from Micheal. I don't think Blanket really cares if this man really his real father because he knows Micheal Is his real father no matter what. Blanket has a family who loves him alot and for this man to come out to the media and claims he 's Blanket Father is very disrespectful . Leave Blanket Alone and stop all this false Statement to try to get money !
Posted By Tiaun (2 years ago)
This is really sad that this man would do this.If he really did donate sperm to Michael then why was he so surprised that the kid is his biologically.What else did he think Mj was going to do with the sperm.I believe that Mj only wanted kids with white skin because Mj skin was white,because of his skin disease.Plus he had acne and a big nose when he was younger.He thought he was ugly when he was younger and did not want to pass those traits along to his kids.Now all these people are comin out the woodwork to get the kids,just so they can get and use their money b4 they turn 18.I just hope that Mj made some type of agreement when he got the donated sperm from this guy.I'm thinking that legally Blanket was Mj's kid,or else he would not have been able to take him to the doctor and stuff,so I don't know why this guy is even trying now.I just hope that blanket doesn't read all this stuff.
Posted By Tommy (2 years ago)
How do two white people have middle eastern looking children? I don't think MJ was the father and neither is this guy.
Posted By Ramryn (1 year ago)
Baby Bye!! Bottom line.... MJ was there from day 1 with all 3 of those children... They're HIS already!! And if this guy donated sperm in 2002 then he has NO chance of being Blanket's biological dad. Blanket was born on February 21, 2002. He claims to have donated sperm in 2002.. Impossible! These people need to get some lives... Wow...
Posted By joan (1 year ago)
love blanket
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