Blue Power Ranger David Yost Was Gay, Considered Suicide

In Celebs by Meieli Sawyer Detoni , on Friday, August 27, 2010, 10:05 AM (PDT)
david yost
Here he is!


Depressing news

Are you familiar with the original blue Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, David Yost? The original blue guy was taunted so severely for being gay two decades ago that he actually had to leave the show... and he contemplated suicide as well.

Some people might think that this isn't a big deal now that 20 years have passed, but it's a necessary look at what life was like for actors like David Yost, in any kind of minority and on an unfriendly set.

Yost told the website No Pink Spandex that he was taunted until he walked off the show.

"The reason that I walked off is that I was called 'f--' one too many times. I had just heard that several times while working on the show from creators, producers, writers, directors..." he explained.

"Basically I just felt like I was continually being told I was not worthy of being where I am because I'm a gay person. And I'm not supposed to be an actor. And I'm not a superhero."

Yost, who now works as a producer, admitted that he even found out about co-workers and staff getting questioned about his preference. What an amazing lawsuit that would be.

If this story makes you feel frustrated, I recommend checking out Unicorn Booty (NSFW today due to undie pics), a website that highlights gay-friendly businesses. If you have a business of your own that you'd like to feature, you can also partner with them and do a giveaway.

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Comments (2)
Posted By frozenyougurt (4 years ago)
He is gay? WOW, there is a shock. I will make prediction now, anyone who enjoyed that show and was over the age of 8, is also gay. Worst "show" in history of TV,
Posted By stan james (4 years ago)
I'm not familiar with this person, but all over, people in the arts are coming out of the closet and admitting they are gay its not surprising, since so many gay people seem to be drawn to acting etc. But the big deal is that gay kids will end up having their own gay heroes.. Someone to look up to and identify with and give them hope. And that shoudl cut down on the "9/111 every year" we have of gay kids, who see only hopelessness and being portraid as evil, commit suicide. And even some str8 kids who get bullied just because kidss can be mean, and what could be worse then being called gay. But thet world is chaniging. All over. In the end evil will not triumph, bigotry and hatred int the name of God will fail. And like every other battle minorities have had to fight, gay people will soon be accepted as part of God's creation,and peopel will be asking what was wrong with our country that we arre one of the last countries in the westernized world to accept and love our gay citizens as Jesus told us - to love thy neighbor as thyself. And he didn't exclude gays.
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