Brandi Glanville supports LeAnn Rimes' Rehab Decision

In Celebs by Wendy Michaels , on Friday, August 31, 2012, 11:35 AM (PDT)
leann rimes
Brandi Glanville


Brandi Glanville Issues Statement About LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn Rimes has plenty of support for her decision to enter rehab -- even from her husband's ex-wife, Brandi Glanville.

You could say that Glanville's support is surprising, considering Rimes was the homewrecker that broke up Glanville's marriage.

You may recall that Rimes was caught cheating with Glanville's husband, Eddie Cibrian; Rimes was also married at the time.

Needless to say, Rimes and Glanville haven't been on the best of terms.

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Glanville provided Us Magazine with the following statement: "I totally support LeAnn's decision to enter rehab -- my top priority is my children, and at the end of the day we are a family. LeAnn is their stepmom, and they love her. I am wishing her all the best and I hope she will find what she is looking for while in rehab."

Her statement is pretty admirable, seeming to put aside their differences for the sake of the kids.

I can't dig on her for that -- the priority should be the kids, Glanville and Cibrian's two sons, Mason, 9, and Jake, 5.

While Rimes' rep said that she was seeking treatment for anxiety and stress, a source told Us Magazine, "She has a lot of mental anguish over how she is perceived. [She has] this constant feeling of being punished for something. She feels like society has never forgiven her. She has this overwhelming need to be loved and respected."

No doubt Rimes has taken plenty of heat for the cheating scandal with Cibrian, but her constant need to parade around for paparazzi (you just know she calls them ahead of time) and take to Twitter to stir up dirt can't be healthy.

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Maybe Rimes needs this time to learn how to fly a little more under the radar and keep herself off of Twitter.

Seriously, get off of Twitter.

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