Bristol Palin Memoir to Release in June

In Celebs by KGaz , on Wednesday, February 09, 2011, 4:21 AM (PST)
bristol palin
Bristol Palin:


HarperCollins publishing another Palin memoir.

Twenty-year-old Bristol Palin has wisdom she wants to share with us all, and she'll do it in book form. Palin's memoir suddenly went available for pre-order this week, and HarperCollins confirms that they will publish the former teen mom's life story.

You're reading that right: somewhere near Alaska, a very fortunate ghostwriter is laughing all the way to the bank. Bristol Palin has signed a contract with HarperCollins Publishers in New York, and Harper's William Morrow imprint -- the same group who publishes Sarah Palin's books -- will put the new Palin memoir on sale June 21.

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What will Bristol Palin's memoir be about? It's not clear, but we're with our pals at PopEater:

How Palin busted out 304 pages from 20 years of life -- or when she managed to do it, with all the televised dancing, Levi Johnston sparring, and moving to the continental U.S. -- is beyond us.

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Meanwhile the Bristol Palin memoir will be published as a hardcover with a retail price of $25.99. Do you buy it? The Palins can thank their publicity machine -- and perhaps not their deep womanly insights -- for this mega book deal. Can somebody talk this girl into some college? Please?



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Posted By jacklean (3 years ago)
What a waste of money, when you complain about losing your job, etc. You will fork over money to buy this book, why? You already know everything about her. If you really want to understand the harsh of being a teen mother. Please ask someone in your community, who will have a compelling story to tell. Ms. Palin's memoir only can explore the facts that she's only been given opportunities because of her mother 's image in this country. What else is there to know about her other than she shall stop pretending to be something she's not. Wait till Willow Palin become the next exploitation victim. Ms. Palin choice to teach her daugthers how inportant it is to make money ahead of sustaining true family values with dignity. Can only speak volumes about her parenting skills regarding the fact of have your accomplishments and deeds speak for themselves.
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