Britney Spears Made More Money This Year Than Taylor Swift - Top 10 List For 2012

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It Was Close But Britney Out Earned Taylor

Forbes magazine released it's annual "Music's Top Earning Women" list today and, surprisingly, Britney Spears raked in the most money in 2012.

Spears, who's now 31 years-old, earned a whopping $58 million thanks in large part to her Femme Fatale record and tour and some endorsement stuff she did.  Taylor Swift, 22, music's It Girl of the moment, pulled in a healthy $57 million -- she has her triple platinum CD Red to thank for that enormous sum.

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Who else hauled in the mother lode?  Here's a look at the other top ten earners for 2012:

3. Rihanna, $54 million.

4. Lady Gaga, $52 million.

5. Katy Perry, $45 million.

6. Beyonce, $40 million.

7. Adele, $35 million.

8. Sade, $33 million.

9. Madonna, $30 million.

10. Shakira, $20 million.





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