Brooke Shields' Mom, Teri, Has Died

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The Model/Actress Daughter and Her Manager Mother Clashed Often Over the Years

Brooke Shields mother, Teri Shields, has died at age 79. In the history of Hollywood, perhaps no other mother-daughter union has been filled with so much controversy and strife.

After starting Brooke's career as an infant model for brands like Ivory soap when she was just  11 months old, Teri, her daughter's manager, later signed off on Brooke booking two jobs that resulted in worldwide scandal.

In the first, Brooke, just 13 at the time, played a teenaged prostitute - complete with nude scenes - in the 1978 movie Pretty Baby. Soon after, she appeared in a provocative Calvin Klein ad in which a topless Brooke claimed, "Nothing comes between me and my Calvins." And two years later, a 15 year-old Brooke starred in another sexually charged movie about two teenagers marooned on a deserted island: Blue Lagoon.

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As Brooke grew up, tensions between she and Teri increased - with Teri's reported drinking problem playing a huge role in the rift. In one of her standup routines, comedienne Kathy Griffin, a close friend of Brooke's, has said Teri was extremely inebriated and caused a huge scene at Brooke's 1997 wedding to tennis star Andre Agassi.

In later years, however, Brooke claims she learned to put it in perspective, saying this about Teri's parenting:

"My mom was...great, you know...she was a crazy alcoholic but she was also fierce in protecting me. You can argue it was paradoxical because she also put me out there in controversial ways - and there's nothing I can do about that - but there was a moral base that she somehow taught me, even if it was, "Don't do as I do." What I could rely on was her commitment to me."

Before her death, Teri had reportedly suffered from a long-term illness as well as dementia.

Brooke has yet to come forward publicly about the loss and we wish her the best in dealing with the situaion.

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