'Burn Notice' Star Jeffrey Donovan Engaged to Model Michelle Woods

In Celebs by Kim Muraro , on Tuesday, June 26, 2012, 5:43 AM (PDT)
jeffrey donovan engaged


The Couple Is Planning a Summer Wedding

On TV, Jeffrey Donovan's love life is on hold -- his Burn Notice girlfriend is in prison -- but in real life, Donovan's making big plans, as he and model Michelle Woods have just gotten engaged.

E! Online reports Donovan, 44, recently proposed to Woods, 20, his longtime girlfriend, and that the two are planning a summer wedding.

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Donovan, who stars as "burned" CIA spy Michael Westen on the USA Network hit Burn Notice, is a triathlete who competes in charity events, and E! Online reports that he and Woods have competed together in several events.

Back to Donovan's on-screen life, the actor recently revealed the shocking news that the new season of Burn Notice, which premiered earlier this month, will include the death of one of the show's main characters.

As Michael Westen brings in a major bad guy in an effort to secure girlfriend Fiona's (Gabrielle Anwar) release from prison, one of his team is killed … BFF Sam (Bruce Campbell)? Fellow burned spy Jesse (Coby Bell)? Michael's mother, Maddie (Sharon Gless)?

Our money is actually on Michael's brother, Nate (Seth Peterson), who just reappeared in Miami after his wife dumped him.

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Whoever bites the dust, Donovan says it sets off a chain of events that will eventually send Michael and his friends on the run.

"Eventually you’re going to see the whole team on the run because of what the team does to avenge this person’s death," Donovan says.

Comments (10)
Posted By Patty Tralli (2 years ago)
His "longtime" girlfriend ?? !! She's 20 years old, for crying out loud. What, did he start dating her as soon as she turned 18 ????? He's 44 years old. I have lost a little bit of respect for him.
Posted By Lps (2 years ago)
Patty, I was thinking the exact same thing... not very impressive, I'm sure they have a strong intellectual connection. ha!
Posted By btw (2 years ago)
She has a Bachelor's degree with Honors in Neuroscience.
Posted By natasha (2 years ago)
Jeff started dating her when she was barely 17 and moved her into his Miami Beach, FL house. She is 19. Her parents are his age. Yes, he is extremely IMMATURE. Midlife crises. How else do you let your teen daughter hook up with someone her parents age. CREEPY. Guess he can't get drunk with topless women on the roof of a hotel in Miami anymore or bring back teens to his hotel room then pass out drunk. My guess she's Pregnant.
Posted By Jlo1965 (2 years ago)
Totally a midlife joke. What on earth does a 44 year old man have in common with a 20 year old girl ? What a pervert. Just so lost respect for him.
Posted By Madeline J86 (1 year ago)
Hey stop sippin on that haterade...the guy is awesome period! Pervert most likely not who knows..who is anyone to judge his decisions on what he does in his personal life..think on this our country was build on 12-15 yr old girls marrying men their father's age and popping out like 20 kids...think about that before any of you go running of the mouth and judging a man you clearly don't know anything about him other than what you see him act in and what the media says...Congrats on the Engagement Man I hope it all works out for you!!!! xoxo *Maddie*
Posted By anne (1 year ago)
Jeffrey Donovan is a truly great actor. His range and skills are second to none in TV today (imho). Michael Westen is a fictional character played to perfection by the actor who,s many talents include remaining in charactor 100% of the time. Granted he is given scripts which are innovative, well written with great imagination and dialog, but he brings these scripts to life and is always on point. His engagement is immaterial to what has been and still is the best program ever. I wish him every happiness. P.S. Matt Nix rocks!
Posted By Jay (1 year ago)
I do like Jeffrey Donovan, especially in Burn Notice, but it is a shame he couldn't date any women near his own age. I was shocked when I find out Michelle’s age and that he had been dating her since her teens, it's pretty sad as well. But good luck to him. It's funny I now understand why they are waiting to get married seeing as at the moment she can't even drink at her own wedding. I don't see it lasting for long, as she is just discovering out whom she is and people start to change once they hit their mid twenties and want different things.
Posted By gigi (1 year ago)
They were in Cherry Creek last night. When we realized it was him, we noticed the young lady he was with and our table thought it was his daughter or a co-actor until they kissed. She looks 16 and is darling. Older men dating girls is creepy in my humble opinion, but with the baby, let's wish them the best.
Posted By RyanO (191 days ago)
Wow ladies get over the hating. The guy digs a younger girl....nothing new here. This is consistent with human matchups for centuries and nothing creepy. Don't really look at the two and think major age gap. Anyway, whatever makes them happy; they are both adults.
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