Cameron Diaz Cleans Her Toilet, Just Like The Rest of Us

In Celebs by Wendy Michaels , on Wednesday, October 17, 2012, 11:10 AM (PDT)
cameron diaz
Cameron Diaz in Esquire UK


Cameron Diaz Isn't Too Famous to Do Household Chores

News flash: Cameron Diaz cleans her own toilet.

Hey, it's not exactly breaking world news, but it does prove that once in a while stars really are just like us. They ARE people after all.

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Diaz earns $20 million per movie, but maybe cleaning her toilet keeps her grounded. You never know what makes people tick.

She spills, ''I think your foundation is your foundation. I work as hard as it takes. That's the essence of who I am. So for me, I'm not thinking, 'Hmm, what is it like to do that?' I already know."

She adds, ''And I'll jump into it at any time. I can scrub my own toilet. And I can scrub it against the best scrubbers of toilets. We can do a scrub-off!''

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It sounds like Diaz has a solid Plan B in case that whole acting thing falls apart -- competitive toilet scrubbing.

Diaz also told Britain's Esquire magazine that the party lifestyle has never been "interesting" to her, explaining, "There's more I want out of life."



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