Can Sex Make You Smarter?

In Love & Sex by , on Saturday, September 15, 2012, 6:45 AM (PDT)
love and sex
They're earning college degrees as we speak.


Yet Another Reason To Go Have Sex

Some people can't think on an empty stomach. Others need quiet space to concentrate. But according to new research, we're all smarter when we're thinking about sex.

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Researchers at the University of Amsterdam have reportedly found that the release of hormones during sex, and even the thought of sexual gratification, caused people to perform better on mental exercises.

In the study, participants were given sets of critical thinking problems. The researchers then discovered that those who thought about sex performed better than those who did not.

It's well-documented that sex offers numerous benefits, everything from stress relief to the magical mood-lifting powers of semen, and now you can add a boost in mental faculty to that list.

However, while the thought of sex might give your brain a jumpstart, it doesn't necessarily mean you're a genius now. After all, how many horned-up creeps can you think of that are known for making intelligent decisions?

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