Carrie Underwood Is Smiling as Olay's New Ambassador

In Beauty by Meieli Sawyer Detoni , on Wednesday, September 08, 2010, 11:20 AM (PDT)
carrie underwood


Newest North American Ambassador

Carrie Underwood's going to be even more primped and perfect looking! Carrie's been named the North American brand ambassador for Olay, so she'll be dousing herself in fabulous products starting right now. Did you know that she's the first celebrity ambassador for Olay in North America?

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The biggest campaigns with Carrie might not run until 2011, but Olay will still want her to look her best. Oh, imagine the glorious freebies! Even Carrie herself was thinking about it when she talked to the press.

"It's been over a decade I've been using some product from Olay," Carrie said at a conference today. "Olay is something that women trust. I now get to play more than I ever thought I'd get to play."

Is Carrie Underwood a good choice for Olay? She's certainly glossy enough to be a good representative, but is she bland and/or boring as well? Maybe it's just me... she's too good looking. That gotten off my chest, I know why they picked her. She has a fairly versatile look and can be styled country, cosmopolitan, sweet, or sexy.

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What do you think about Olay's choice? Is Carrie Underwood the type of brand ambassador that you want to see from cosmetic companies, or do you hope for something more diverse?

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