Celebrity Charity Tweets Don't Help The Cause

In Celebs by Emma Jones , on Tuesday, November 08, 2011, 7:32 AM (PST)
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Their Hearts Are In The Right Place, But Their Tweets Go Unanswered

Celebs are forever tweeting about their latest charity campaign; because hey, they have millions of followers so it must do the cause some good right? Well no. A recent study released by consulting firm Zoetica Media and PayPal revealed that when, it comes to celebrity soliciting, fans aren't scrambling to help.

While getting a big-name celebrity to tweet for a charity will draw some attention to the initiative, that’s not the key to bringing in the big dollars.

"Fans can tell when celebrities are just going through the motions," the authors of the study noted. "People are more deferential to advocates of a cause who have a clear stak. . . People feel guilty and disrespectful turning away from someone with clear self-interest in their position."

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The more notable celebrity twitter campaigns include Justin Bieber, Britney Spears and Ellen Degeneres for the Show Your Heart appeal; Lady Gaga for gay rights; and U2's Bono for everything. According to the new study however, "the best results do not come from the most well-known celebrities and bloggers, but the most engaged ones."

As examples provided by the study, Ali Edwards, a mother who blogs about scrapbooking and her autistic son, reeled in 2,313 donors, giving $47,849 to Autism Speaks. On the other hand, Kanye West, who didn't offer any insight into why he was raising money, didn't generate a single donation.

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So while we're on the note of celebrity charity promotion, we would just like to mention that Katy Perry and Brad Pitt have now joined forces to help out eBay's new charity drive. As RadarOnline reports, is uniting fans with their idols' favorite causes through celebrity charity auctions, where they can bid on coveted items or personal meet and greets.

At present, Brad Pitt is auctioning a meet and greet to benefit Make It Right, while Katy Perry is selling a red sequined dress to support the American Red Cross. There's also a private acting class with Robert Duvall up for grabs to benefit the Robert Duvall Children's Fund.

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The success of the auctions remains to be seen; however, if the PayPal study is anything to go by, they may raise more money if Nancy at the Dairy Queen flogs the stuff.

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