Charlie Sheen: "Lance Armstrong Is Kind of a Douche" [VIDEO]

In Celebs by LimeLife , on Thursday, January 31, 2013, 12:46 PM (PST)
charlie sheen


You Know You've Sunk to a New Low When Charlie Sheen Can Diss You and Get Applause

How the mighty have fallen. Like it wasn't bad enough for Lance Armstrong that he had all of his medals yanked, his multi-million dollar endorsement deals terminated and that he let down an entire world full of fans, no, now it's even worse -- he's being mocked by Charlie Sheen.


Sheen, whom as we all know, is no stranger to personal lows and big time controversies, stopped by the "Tonight Show" on Wednesday night for a little chat with Jay Leno.

When the topic of Armstrong came up, Sheen made no bones about calling things as he sees them, "He's kind of a douche," the actor said.  "Wow, I didn't just say that did i? That's based on meeting him."

The "Anger Management" said that he'd been out one night when he saw the former champion cyclist and went over to introduce himself -- only to be dissed.  "He said, 'That's nice," Sheen explained to Leno who said that he thought the athlete was even more reviled than most others would be because he was so terrible to the people around him, ruining the lives of those who testified against him and who wouldn't corroborate his lies.

Sheen, himself no angel, agreed wholeheartedly. "If he was a better guy in his life, he'd be forgiven a lot easier -- kinda like me." (The crowd ate up that last bit in particular.)


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