Charlie Sheen Wants Lindsay Lohan to Be His New "Goddess"

In Celebs by LimeLife , on Friday, December 07, 2012, 9:36 AM (PST)


Charlie and Lindsay: Match Made in Heaven or Hell?

I am surprised this coupling didn't happen sooner, after all, it makes perfect sense -- in the worst ways imagianeable. The National Enquirer has reported that Charlie Sheen has fallen hard for Lindsay Lohan and that he wants her to be his newest "goddess."  Yarf.

The Enquirer says that Charlie, whom everyone knows is addicted to women, drugs, alcohol and being in the public eye, has given Lilo $100K so she can pay the goverment the taxes she owes. They also report that he wants her to sign on to co-star on his FX show "Anger Management." (You'll recall that Lohan has already gotten into bed with Sheen when the two shared love scenes in "Scary Movie 5.")

“Charlies is in hot pursuit of Lindsay,” a "source" told the taboid. “He wants her to be his new goddess. Charlie has a soft spot for lost causes and with all her problems – not to mention her latest arrest – Lindsay certainly qualifies.”

Oh, and then there's this gem. The source also says that "Charlie thinks that Lindsay has been unfairly trashed in the media, especially over her Liz Taylor movie. He believes that a solid TB gig could help her pay off her debts and rebuild her Hollywood reputation. Now Lindsay’s bragging that she asked Charlie to be her business manager.”

These two getting together would surely cause a media circus -- it's every gossip rags dream but wouldn't their comnined inner demons cause them to implode even more than they already have? It could get really ugly, really quickly.


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