"Cheers" Is Returning to Television -- In Ireland

In OnScreen & Music by LimeLife , on Tuesday, December 18, 2012, 8:54 AM (PST)


"Cheers" is Getting a Makeover

Everybody in Ireland will soon know the name "Cheers" as the classic American sitcom gets rebooted in the Emerald Isle.

Twenty years (!) after leaving the airwaves, James Brooks phenom of a television show, "Cheers," is getting a makeover and prepping to hit the Irish airwaves.

Sam Malone and the rest of the gang (Norm!) will be adapted into more modern, more Irish characters for the new version of the show after a Dublin company bought the rights to the fabled sitcom from America network NBC.

Ted Danson's Sam Malone, owner of the Boston-based bar on the original, will be named Sean and, since there's little-to-no baseball in Ireland, will be a retired hurling star.

Accordingly, the name of the new version of the Emmy-winning fan fave will be called "Teach Sean." 

Wonder if they're going to have as catchy a theme song.

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