Chelsy Davy Is Dating Prince Harry's Best Friend

In Celebs by Emma Jones , on Monday, August 22, 2011, 8:24 AM (PDT)
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Chelsy Shifts Her Sights From Royalty To Property

Seems that the high-society circle is a small one. After all, we’ve all heard the jokes about the incestuous behavior of the European monarchs of yore. Now comes this ...

Since there's only one handsome Windsor Prince who's single, British socialites are having to cast their dating nets a little wider. Chelsy Davy, Prince Harry's on-again/off-again girlfriend for one, has now resorted to looking beyond Palace grounds to snag herself a man.

That’s not to say that Davy has signed up on Oh no. In fact, she didn't have to look far at all. Davy has allegedly begun dating Harry’s best friend, property developer Taylor McWilliams. Last week the pair was spotted leaving West London nightclub Boujis together, having spent the night dancing and drinking cocktails, before taking a taxi home.

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According to sources at The Daily Mail, Davy has no plans to get back with Harry and is keeping her new relationship secret, as he continues to romance model and actress Florence Brudenell-Bruce.

Davy is said to be less than thrilled at Harry's choice of girlfriend, given that the underwear model was in the same house as she at Stowe School in Buckinghamshire. A source said told The Daily Mail, “There is crossover with Chelsy and Florence’s friendship circles which can make things awkward.”

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It’s hard to keep track of Harry’s dating situation with Brudenell-Bruce as rumors of a split are constantly rearing their ugly head. Last I heard: Harry had been dumped because of his ever-wandering eye. Don’t you just wish he’d someday wander that eye in your direction? Over here Harry!



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