Christina Aguilera Flashes Cleavage and a Smile Post-Split

In Celebs by KGaz , on Monday, October 18, 2010, 10:37 AM (PDT)
christina aguilera
Christina Aguilera, Max Bratman on Oct. 14, 2010:


Christina Aguilera has fun with her son, jets to Hawaii.

Christina Aguilera's biggest track of 2010 may be called "Not Myself Tonight," but this bombshell blonde is looking more "herself" than ever following last week's announcement that she and husband Jordan Bratman are divorcing. We've got photos of Aguilera spending sweet QT with her son last week, as well as her heaving the cleave over the weekend in Hawaii. Feeling more like yourself these days, eh XTina?

Whoa! Christina Aguilera Splits from Husband Jordan Bratman

We reported last week on the shocker split between Christina Aguilera and her music exec hubby Jordan Bratman. While there's little word on why the pair split (stress and differences over the too-small success of Aguilera's latest album?), in a statement Christina did declare that they were committed to parenting their two-year-old son Max with love, stability and equal commitment.

Yikes: Christina Aguilera Speaks Out on Jordan Bratman Split

Both Bratman and Aguilera seem to be living up to that vow, as Christina took little Max on a pumpkin-picking day out last Thursday just after word of the split had broken. Christina and Max visited Mr. Bones' pumpkin patch in Beverly Hills, where Christina snapped digital pics of Max in the haystack before riding down an awesome-looking mega-slide together.

By the time the weekend hit, Christina Aguilera's smile hadn't diminished an inch. "USA Today" reported that Aguilera "showed up in Hawaii over the weekend for the opening of Ian Schrager's new Waikiki 'Edition' hotel," where she ran into Vanessa Hudgens and partied with producer Tricky Stewart over a dinner prepared by "Iron Chef" superstar Masaharu Morimoto. Every photo of Aguilera from the weekend shows her popping off her cleavage in colored, skin-tight getups like we hadn't seen in ages (all year she's been donning more conservative digs, almost always wearing all black). One accessory Aguilera wasn't wearing? Her wedding band.



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