Chupacabra Caught In Texas?!

In Life by LimeLife , on Thursday, February 27, 2014, 8:45 AM (PST)
The chupacabra creature caught by the Orhts in Texas.


Infamous Chupacabra ... Or Sick Dog?

The chupacabra has haunted the landscapes of Mexico and the southern U.S. for decades, but now a man in Texas says he's finally killed one of the mythical beasts.

Doug and Lucy Orht, of Victoria in southern Texas, claim they've killed a chupacabra. The couple says they put a bullet into the unidentified creature after it was spotted roaming through their property.

"My grandson ran and got the gun and shot it at 240 yards, and my grandkids said, 'Oh that's a Chupacabra,'" Lucy Orht told the local news station.

The chupacabra -- literally "goat sucker" in Spanish -- is a mythical animal that has long been a part of the folklore in Latin America and the American south west. Some depictions have it looking like a spiky little green alien, while most depict it as a hairless dog-like beast that steals livestock.

This is the kind the Orhts believe they've killed. However, not everyone is convinced.

"I've seen squirrels, raccoons and coyotes in this area with the same features" Wildlife Biologist Josh Turner told the station.

"They're a mythical creature that most people see, but what it really is sarcapotic mange which is caused by a mite that bites the animal and it can be on any mammal -- dogs ,cats, coyotes foxes, and humans can get another version of it as well," Turner said.

Still, the Orhts say they will remain vigilant should anymore of the evil things come prowling.

"I'm scared they are going to get my dogs" said Doug Ohrt.

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