Coolest Lock Ever: Master Lock's New DialSpeed [VIDEO]

In Life by , on Thursday, July 19, 2012, 2:10 PM (PDT)
master lock


Locks Are Cool Again

It used to be that if you needed to open your Master Lock you needed a Master's degree. Not anymore. Introducing the new DialSpeed, a spiffy electronic lock that will have you evading hallway bullies in no time.

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We all know the feeling: It's middle school, lunch period, and mean Michael Donnolly is stomping his way toward your locker. You panic. Fumbling with the lock, you twist it left, then right, then left again, but the numbers all seem to blend into each other when you're facing impending doom.

The bully's footsteps grow louder and, as you tug hopelessly at the shackle, you suddenly realize it's too late. Your lock has failed you.

Well, screw Michael Donnolly. Get yourself a Master Lock DialSpeed.

With a directional pad locking device, this cool new electronic lock is instantly recognizable to any kid who's ever played a video game. Just press your combination of left, right, up and down, and that thing is open in seconds.

No more numbers. No more spinning dials. No more Michael Donnolly.

Check out a video for Master Lock's new DialSpeed lock below.

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Posted By Network Locksmithand Security (1 year ago)
A friend of mine told me to read this post, and I am glad I did. Your expertise on security lock is outstanding.
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