Could Alcohol Be Good For Your Unborn Baby?

In Love & Sex by KGaz , on Friday, June 11, 2010, 6:00 AM (PDT)
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Controversial new study says yes.

We're hearing songs of rejoice on Twitter from women who are thinking about getting pregnant -- here's why: a new study suggests that moms who consume alcohol while they're pregnant have better-behaved kids...cheers!

Proceed with caution, mama-loves. The study, conducted by the Western Australia Pregnancy cohort, suggests that light to moderate consumption of alcohol during pregnancy could benefit children's development. The study assessed 3,000 child participants over 14 years and concluded that, according to our friends at Babble, parents who drank while pregnant "had kids who are better behaved, less stressed and better adjusted than those who drank nothing at all." Those children also scored higher in psychological function and "were less likely to internalize, a symptom of depression, or act out aggressively."

The study looked at alcohol consumption in the first trimester, which is normally the period in which women are told to abstain completely from libations. It also emphasized the importance of very controlled drinking -- light to moderate at most -- and did not outwardly condone alcohol consumption during pregnancy.

Another important point: this study doesn't suggest that alcohol consumption actually causes adaptability in children. It could be that the children whose parents consumed alcohol during pregnancy simply raise their children in a more laid-back family system and environment, which could attribute to the children's high psychological functioning as well.

In any case, it's an encouraging report for any woman who's ever thought of getting pregnant! But...wait: is reality Barbie-bot Heidi Montag really pregnant? If you're into more love & sex news, here's something interesting: it may not be all that uncommon to have sex while you sleep.

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Comments (2)
Posted By Heidi Q (4 years ago)
As a fetal alcohol specialist I have to tell you that you are sharing incorrect and potentially life altering information to your readers. Regardless of when a woman drinks during pregnancy, she risks causing permanent brain damage to her fetus. Alcohol, like inhalants and codeine, is a teratogen which means it causes the brain to dehydrate. Its like pouring water on a circut that causes it to short out. You cannot assert that there is a safe time or amount to drink - and to say that it is GOOD for the fetus is insane. Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder causes impairment in executive and adaptive functioning. Its effects become more and more apparent as the child ages and becomes less and less like their peers in terms of being able to make good decisions, think about their actions, prioritize, manage time or money, and socialize (among other things). Only ten percent have the physical markers - so its not something you can tell by studying a newborn or having a test during pregnancy. Please do your research before passing on such potentially damaging information.
Posted By Marni (4 years ago)
They're not talking about binge drinking, for heaven's sake! I married a man from a European country and lived there during part of my pregnancy. Coming from the knee-jerk no-alcohol-at-all-during-pregancy hysteria of the USA, I nearly screamed at my mother-in-law when she offered me a glass of wine at a family dinner even though she new I was pregnant. I said, "I can't. I'm pregnant." Then, I saw my sister-in-law, who's an internist and was also pregnant, enjoying a glass of wine, and I almost fainted. I thought I'd married into a family akin to child sacrificers!! My brother-in-law, who's a respected surgeon, said that a glass or two every now and then was not a problem. It took A LOT effort to overcome something I was always told and accepted without question, but I came to enjoy a glass of wine or occasional beer during that pregnancy, and I am now a mother to two healthy, normal girls. To the previous poster, the study was not done only on pregnant women and newborns, but over 14 years, so that point you bring up has already been answered. If you're likely to binge drink because you can't control yourself even when you're pregnant, it's probably best that you don't touch a drop. But this study confirms what less puritanical cultures have always known-- that a drink every so often while pregnant won't automatically give you a retarded or deformed baby. I'll raise my glass to that when I'm (hopefully) pregnant again later this year!
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