Courtney Love Steals Photographer's Car?

In Celebs by Kimberly Potts , on Friday, July 01, 2011, 6:48 AM (PDT)
courtney love



Love Reportedly Made Off With David LaChapelle's Ride in New York

Just when you thought that Courtney Love does couldn't possibly get more wacky, she manages to prove you wrong. Here's the latest display of bizarre-o behavior:

The New York Post reports that famed photog LaChapelle let Love use his chauffeur-driven SUV to pick up their mutual pal, director Brett Ratner, and was under the  impression that they'd both come to his exhibition at the Lever House in New York City on Monday. But neither Love, nor Ratner, ever showed up.

That left LaChapelle wondering where his car was, and none too happy that his friend had apparently taken it for the whole night.

A source told the Post, "LaChapelle was freaking out, saying Courtney had taken his car. He was frantically trying to reach her and his driver on the phone to find out where the hell they were."

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But Ratner, director of the Rush Hour movie franchise, countered, "Courtney and David are best friends. We were all supposed to go to the Lever House together, but I was too tired. They were on the phone together while she was at my house."

Said Love: "We were supposed to go to Lever House and I was dispatched with (LaChapelle's) car. But Brett didn't want to get out of bed and we ended up talking. David was back at Soho House waiting."

Said LaChapelle's pal: "David gave Courtney his car to pick up Brett, then he doesn't know what happened. He went home and went to sleep."

Said LaChapelle's publicist: "No comment."

Said us: A rich people squabble over a chauffeured SUV? Sounds like the kind of problem we'd all like to have.

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