Craigslist Users Trading Sex for Gas in the Post-Sandy Gas Crisis

In Life by Kim Muraro , on Tuesday, November 06, 2012, 4:45 AM (PST)
sex for gas


As Gas Rationing Continues in New York and New Jersey, People Get Desperate

How out of control has the gas shortage in the New York and New Jersey area become in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy last week? People have started offering up sex for gas in Craigslist postings.

People are still waiting in lines so long that police have to direct the traffic, and the wait for gas -- sometimes only to get to the pump and find out the station has run out -- is still maddeningly, sometimes hours-long, as the New York City area tries to recover from the gas crisis sparked by low supply and stations that don't yet have electricity restored.

But some, um, resourceful, Craigslisters have decided to skip the lines and the daily hunt for gas to power their cars and generators and instead offer, as one ad so bluntly put it, "ass for gas."

"Who's staying in because they have no gas? Get head instead - w4m," one woman offered in the Queens, New York "Casual Encounters" section.

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"I HAVE GAS, LIKE GRASS, AND WANT YOUR ASS," read an ad for a Brooklyn Craigslist user, a 55-year-old retired teacher and lawyer who describes himself as a "kind, introspective, athletic, non-possessive, passionate all around good guy" … who is willing to trade gasoline for sex.

And one Long Island poster is leaving the specifics of the sex-for-gas swap up in the air with this ad: "what would you do for gas?? - m4w - 30," he writes. "Let's help each other ;-).", which pointed out the sex-for-gas postings on Craigslist, screen captured a whole list of similarly-themed postings, some of which have already been removed by the site.

But ads like this one are still active: "GAS GAS GAS HERE …. Wanna Trade - m4w," reads the headline. "I've got gas from Hess and looking for any sexy women who may not want to wait in those long lines for hours and hours only to find the station empty when its (sic) their turn. So let me know I'm sure we could work something out to get your tank filled and empty mine."

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