Dane Cook Comedy 'Next Caller' Canceled Before It Aired

In OnScreen & Music by Wendy Michaels , on Monday, October 15, 2012, 12:10 PM (PDT)
dane cook
Dane Cook's 'Next Caller'


NBC Cancels Dane Cook's 'Next Caller'

NBC didn't even give Dane Cook's new comedy series a chance--cancelling Next Caller before it even aired a single time.

The Peacock network's decision to can the show doesn't speak too highly of Cook's abilities to carry a sitcom. And, really, is anyone surprised?

I've never had much love for Cook, but even Chelsea Handler's pitiful series Are You There, Chelsea? got the chance to be seen a few times before NBC pulled the plug.

Read: QVC Host Faints on Live TV (Video) reports that Next Caller got an initial six episode order to air as a mid-season replacement, with four of the six episodes already recorded.

NBC didn't want to waste another second on the series, with NBC execs reportedly finding that "creatively the series was not going in the direction they had hoped for."

Cook was to play a satellite radio DJ who hosted a show with an NPR feminist.

Cook took to Twitter to laugh off the cancelation, writing: "After 4 episodes Next Caller has been politely asked to leave the building. I can only hope we get syndicated because that money is bomb!"

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He added, "Loved my cast & crew (not sure of their names ... didn't have time to learn them) but will never forget my 37 hours working on Next Brawler"


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