Danielle Staub Sued by Ex-Lover

In Celebs by Meieli Sawyer Detoni , on Friday, July 16, 2010, 7:05 AM (PDT)
danielle staub
More trouble!


Sex tape scandal grinds on

Poor Danielle Staub. Yes, we're starting to feel badly for her: she's misguided, psycho, and paranoid, but she's clearly ill in some way. Now her ex-lover, Stephen Zalewski, is suing her for harassment and defamation of character. And so it continues...

Zalewski made a few interesting claims when filing the suit this week. Not only did he say that Staub's allegations were totally false, but his lawyer, Nase Naumoski, claims that Danielle encouraged the taping herself, even doing some "solo" parts in the film.

"Additionally, Naumoski says, they have emails & texts messages that show Danielle knew about the tape & was actually all for it!" Radar Online added in their report.

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"'Any sex tape with Stephen in it was made with her bidding,'" Zalewski's attorney said, adding that Danielle's claims that Zalewski secretly filmed her without her knowledge made him look terrible.

"Danielle Staub constantly makes statements about my client that she knows are false & that continue to damage his reputation. We want to put a stop to it," Naumoski added.

After reading the report, we noticed one interesting bit: a comment from a reader claiming that Jacqueline, another RHONJ cast member, pushed for the lawsuit because her daughter and Danielle are having legal issues.

It looks like Zalewski could have responded. A reader with the name "stevezalewski" wrote "This is steve just for the record jacqueline had no idea i was going file this lawsuit this has been going on for over year and i need to put a stop to her lies." Whether or not that's really him, we don't know, but it would be interesting if he were defending Jacquelin on Radar Online!

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