Dating Dealbreakers: Have You Ruled Out a Potential Love Match for Any of These Reasons?

In Love & Sex by Kim Muraro , on Wednesday, September 12, 2012, 10:30 AM (PDT)
dating dealbreakers


The Number One Dealbreaker? Read On (You Didn't Think We Were Spilling It in the Mini-Headline, Did You?)

Remember when you were a teen, and you would think about the list of things that your future husband would need to have?

O.K., there were times when our list consisted only of "He must be Rick Springfield," but at other times, the list was a mile long and included specifics about eye color, hair length, number of times he should call us every day and the color and type of fresh flowers he would sent to us at work every week so as to make our co-workers and work frienemies maximally jealous.

But we're all grown up now, and most of us have more practical concerns on our love match wish list. Namely, he should have a job. Oh, and his career path should be on roughly the same level as ours.

That's what reports as one of the main findings of a recent survey from It's Just Lunch, a dating website that polled more than 1,600 people about romance dealbreakers.

Sixty-seven percent of the women who participated in the poll said they'd be more likely to date someone who "shared (the) same career path." Does that mean dentists only want to date other dentists? Teachers only want to date other teachers? And what about Vanna White? She's the only syndicated game show letter turner in the world … unless they launch a new version of the old Scrabble game show, where does that leave Vanna?

The two other major dealbreakers for women? School and, no surprise, money. Education is very important to the majority of those who responded, and nearly 10 percent of women said a man who makes far less money than they do earns an instant dealbreaker stamp of disapproval.

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