Demi Lovato May Star in 'The Avengers'

In OnScreen & Music by Susie Anderson , on Friday, December 31, 2010, 6:14 AM (PST)
demi lovato
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Too soon?

Everyone is hopeful Demi Lovato will be released from her treatment center soon. And while we're not sure what state she'll be in, it would likely be a good idea for her stay away from the Jonas Brothers touring circuit. Lucky for her, she may have just scored a role in the upcoming movie The Avengers.

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I'm pretty psyched to hear Demi Lovato could be getting a major maturity upgrade on her movie career with this role in The Avengers. But with the movie set to start filming at the beginning of April, is it too soon for Demi go go back to work? I think if anything, Demi keeping busy is a good thing! She just needs to keep busy far away from the Jonas Brothers.

In any event, recently reported, "Demi is up for a role in the new Avengers movie that will start shooting April 1."



We've been hearing about the Marvel movie The Avengers for quite a while now and thought we had the cast all figured out. We reported that Jeremy Renner will play Clint Barton, Mark Ruffalo will play The Hulk, Robert Downey Jr. will play Iron-Man, Chris Evans will play Captain America, Chris Hemsworth will play Thor, Scarlett Johansson will play Black Widow and Samuel L. Jackson will play Nick Fury.

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Imagine if Demi Lovato were to join that all-star cast? It could be pretty huge for her? But who would she play? Some are speculating she'll be Wasp, while others are saying Stature is more likely. Which Avenger do you want to see Demi Lovato play?

I can't wait to see Demi Lovato get healthy again and start reviving her career!

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