Denise Richards' New Workout Secret: Zaggora Hotpants

In Fashion by , on Thursday, July 12, 2012, 2:00 PM (PDT)
Denise Richards credits Zaggora for helping her get in shape.


HotPants Increase Temperature, Calorie Burning

If you want to trim off those extra pounds, you're going to need more than just willpower. You need HotPants. Introducing Zaggora HotPants, the latest fad in workout wear that has celebrities like Denise Richards swearing by their effectiveness.

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Richards, 41, has to be able to run fast in order to keep up with her three children and stay out of reach of her crazy ex-husband, Charlie Sheen. Maybe that's why she's been spotted recently in the slimming HotPants.

Ranging in price from $70 to $100, the pants promise to maximize the results of your workouts by increasing your core body temperature by an average of 18 percent, leading to an increased metabolism.

Zaggora claims that, in 30 minutes of exercise, women who wore HotPants lost FOUR TIMES the amount of body mass compared  to those who wore regular workout clothes.

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"We wanted to develop new products that our customers really wanted," says Dessi Bell, founder of Zaggora. "Nothing is more powerful than putting customers in the driving seat. So, that is exactly what we have done and we are so proud of the results. Happy calorie burning!"

Head to to check out their collection of HotPants.

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