Dick Clark Had Prostate Surgery Before Heart Attack

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dick clark


New Year's Will Never Be The Same

Dick Clark's heart attack may not have been so unexpected. According to a death certificate, the legendary TV host had prostate surgery just hours before suffering a major heart attack.

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In a report obtained by TMZ, Clark underwent minor prostate surgery on April 17 for "transurethral resection of the prostate for benign prostatic hyperplasia," a condition where the prostate swells and urination becomes difficult.

Just hours after the procedure at Saint John's Hospital in Santa Monica, CA, Clark suffered a heart attack and died the next morning. He was 82 years-old.

Congressman David Dreier, a close friend of Clark's, told Extra: "He had very minor prostate surgery. All of a sudden, he got a feeling in his arm about 9:30 [Wednesday] morning and he was gone by 11:15. It turned out to be a massive heart attack."

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A longtime host of American Bandstand, Clark was perhaps most famous for hosting the Times Square New Year's ball drop party for over four decades.

In honor of his passing, this New Year's will consist of special "fan confetti," with fans of Clark's contributing personal messages written on each piece of confetti dropped in Times Square.

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