Did Donnie Wahlberg Dump His Pregnant Mistress Michelle Tomlinson? (PHOTO)

In Celebs by KGaz , on Saturday, October 23, 2010, 5:10 AM (PDT)
donnie wahlberg
Donnie Wahlberg in NYC, Sept. 2010:


Donnie Wahlberg's divorce explained?

Donnie Wahlberg told us himself last February that he was in the midst of a divorce from wife Kim Fey. This may shed light on why Wahlberg's divorcing: a new report suggests Donnie Wahlberg had a mistress, model Michelle Tomlinson...and he dumped her last spring when she got pregnant.

Friday afternoon, hours after a report had gotten out that Donnie Wahlberg had a mistress whom he got pregnant and then broke up with, Wahlberg tweeted out to his 133,700 followers, whom he refers to regularly as his "soldiers": "Love my soldiers. It is what it is."

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The message appeared a response to the news that Donnie had been cheating on his wife of nine years, Kim Fey; and that Wahlberg's mistress was expecting his third child. The report came from Celebitchy via "National Enquirer," who were the first to report on Tiger Woods' sex scandal weeks before it broke worldwide -- from the report:

Gorgeous Canadian model Michelle Tomlinson - who broke up the New Kids on the Block hunk's nine-year marriage to Kim Fey - is due to give birth to his love child in March, say pals.

Donnie, who stars in the new CBS cop show Blue Bloods, isn't exactly thrilled with the news.

He "freaked out" and dumped the 27-year-old stunner when she told him she was expecting his baby, sources say.

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"He told her then and there it was over," a source said.

Aside from Donnie's sole tweet, there's been no official comment from the Wahlberg camp. Some of our fellow blogs say they hope Donnie Wahlberg gets what he deserves...but as a Donnie loyalist, I just hope the story's under control and straightforward.

donnie wahlberg
Image courtesy Michelle Tomlinson website.


Read LimeLife's exclusive interview with Donnie Wahlberg and check out what he told us about his divorce...and, yes, the woman pictured here would be alleged mistress Michelle Tomlinson.

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Comments (4)
Posted By Annie (3 years ago)
OMG, DUMBASS!!!!!!!!!! WRONG Michelle Tomlinson!!!!!!!!! Yes, she's gorgeous, but the young lady pictured hails from NM, not Canada, and I doubt she's met Donnie Wahlburg, much less dated him.
Posted By Amanda (3 years ago)
This article is completely ridiculous. Do you even DO research before posting this shit? The Michelle Tomlinson in your photo is a horror movie actress from New Mexico. She is not a model and she's never met Donnie Wahlberg. I hope she sues the shit out of your stupid site for slander and libel, since you're broadcasting her as some homewrecking hussy when she's actually a very classy woman who shares the same name as his mistress! Next time DO YOUR RESEARCH before posting people's photos online!
Posted By sheila s (3 years ago)
You must do research. The Michelle in ur article is my sister. She is awesome. She was born and raised in NM. Dad was a US Marine, mom great, and I am also a Veteran, USMC. Far from Canada, get ur shit straight oh and fire ur reporter. And poor Don. U jerks
Posted By Pip (3 years ago)
Seriously, you haven't corrected this yet? Morons do your research. Start with basic geography and move on from there.
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