Did John Stamos' Drugs And Stripper Case Ruin His Marriage?

In Celebs by KGaz , on Tuesday, July 13, 2010, 10:24 AM (PDT)
john stamos


Are we finally learning why he and Rebecca Romijn split?

We reported this morning on the former strippers who claim that they had an underage, cocaine-driven fling with John Stamos in 2004. We've done the math: less than a year later, John Stamos and Rebecca Romijn divorced. Have we finally learned why?

Here's what's happening: Scott Sippola, the owner of a Michigan nightclub, has demanded $680,000 from John Stamos. Sippola has threatened Stamos, claiming that he has photos of Stamos from 2004 in which Stamos is partying with underage strippers and doing cocaine.

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FBI agents have searched Sippola's home and told the judge in this week's extortion case against Sippola that there's no evidence that John Stamos ever engaged in activity that would damage his reputation. However...remember the 2007 interview John Stamos gave in Australia during which he was heavily intoxicated and made jokes about his small penis on the air? It appeared to be our first hint that John Stamos has been a quiet loose cannon for a lot of years.

Well, in 2004 John Stamos and then-wife Rebecca Romijn had been married for six years and dating for a decade. When their 2005 divorce came about, it wasn't clear why they'd ended their relationship. Less than six months after her divorce from Stamos, Romijn announced her engagement to actor Jerry O'Connell. The pair were married in 2007 and had twin daughters in 2008, and Rebecca Romijn has looked a bit like the bad guy in the end of her marriage to John Stamos.

But if Stamos was known to use substances -- and especially if he was known for hooking up with strippers -- we may finally have more insight into why his marriage to Rebecca Romijn ended. Stay with LimeLife for developments. Meanwhile, in happier relationship news, here's why we're saying Carrie Underwood's wedding was perfect...along with details on her honeymoon!

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Comments (3)
Posted By Dannilicious (4 years ago)
say it aint so uncle jesse, haha
Posted By hedydicarlo (1 year ago)
Here's the big issue with this story, John Stamos admitted on Howard Stern that him and Romijn were split up for at least six months prior to their April 2004 announcement of said. Their divorce was finalized 3/1/2005; 6 months after that was 9/2005 - so I am hard pressed to understand why Rebecca ever was criticized about her engagement to O'Connell? Her and John were apart for at least two full years before she got engaged. To be dead honest, even if he WAS with strippers or whomever - IF it happened ANYTIME in 2004, as this story states, he was already free in Rebecca Romijn's mind, to do as he pleased. Just more shotty media reporting here. xo Hedy
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