'Diff'rent Strokes' Mr. Drummond, Actor Conrad Bain, Has Died

In Celebs by LimeLife , on Wednesday, January 16, 2013, 11:44 AM (PST)
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What'choo Talking About Mr. D? Conrad Bain Has Died

Though he'll forever live on in syndication, actor Conrad Bain, who's best known for his strict-yet-loving character Mr. Drummond on the popular 1980s sitcom, "Diff'rent Strokes," has died.

The actor, who was 89 years-old, passed away from natural causes at home in Livermore, California.

TMZ, as usual, got the news first, and has quoted his daughter as having said, "He was an amazing person. He was a lot like Mr. Drummond, but much more interesting in real life. He was an amazing father."

Bain managed to outlive two of the three kids he played dad to on the iconic sitcom. In 1999, Dana Plato, who played his biological daughter, Kimberly, OD'd on prescription drugs when she was 34 and Gary Coleman, who became a huge star for his role as sassy Arnold Jackson died in 2010 at age 42 from a brain hemorrhage.

The third child, Willis Jackson, was, of course, portrayed by Todd Bridges who has been plagued by addictions and run-ins with the law for much of his life. Now, he is said to be on the straight and narrow and is part of the commenting team on truTV's TruTV Presents: World's Dumbest.

Bain has more than 40 television and film credits to his name but will always be remembered as the lovable Phillip Drummond - he even appeared as the character on a 1996 episode of Will Smith's "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air."

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