Disney Princess Prom Dress Line Announced

In Fashion by Wendy Michaels , on Monday, September 24, 2012, 11:45 AM (PDT)
Disney Forever Enchanted prom dresses


Disney Forever Enchanted Prom Dresses Available in 2013

Little girls' love of dressing up like Disney Princesses just got an age bump.

A new line of prom dresses, called Disney Forever Enchanted, will be available for next prom season.

Thankfully, the dresses are just inspired by the stories and personalities of Disney princesses -- so the look isn't as costume-y as you'd expect.

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Ashdon and Disney Consumer Products announced the Disney Forever Enchanted collection recently, with the promise that every prom season will have a new fairy tale collection of dresses.

To begin, the line will include gowns inspired by Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Snow White's classic dress isn't a part of the prom dress line, but instead the line of gowns, ranging from $350 to $800, will reflect "elements comprising each Disney Princess story," Robert Oberschelp, Director, Disney Consumer Products explains.

Ashdon CEO, Nick Yeh notes, "Launching our new Disney Forever Enchanted collection with a Snow White-inspired line seemed only fitting, since she was Disney's first princess. The dresses are fun to wear yet elegant, and offer young women a way to realize their own fairytale inspired dreams."

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The Ashdon website describes the Forever Enchanted Snow White collection:

The Fairest: prom dresses for the fairest of them all -- sweet & demure
Mirror Mirror: prom dresses reflecting beauty & vanity
In the Woods: prom dresses with florals & prints
Red Delicious: prom dresses based on Snow White's demise & the forbidden red apple
Short & Sassy: prom dresses for the adventurous ones -- fun & flirty
Simply Wicked: prom dresses inspired by the Queen -- rebellious & charming
True Diva: prom dresses based on Snow White's repose & her happily ever after ending

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Posted By Taufkleider (1 year ago)
you gown is looking awesome . But the white gown is really awesome and make you special in any occasion and anywhere.
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